Prices for common veterinary procedures and operations

Please note that our prices are specific to the level and standard of care that we provide at Church House Vets, they cannot be used as a like for like comparison with other vets as our procedures will not be the same.

Please click on an item in the menu to view our prices and what is included (all price listed below are inclusive of VAT)

Dog & Puppy Vaccinations (Show Details)

Dog annual booster vaccination – For dogs who are up to date with vaccinations

Dog Booster- £35.88 – free health check

Dog primary vaccinations – For dogs whose vaccinations have lapsed or history is unknown. Please find out from your breeder what (if any) vaccinations your puppy has received and the brand of vaccine given.

Dog Full Course – £42.60 – free health check

Intrac (Kennel Cough) £25.20 (must be done two weeks before you taking them to a kennel) – free health check

Dog Rabies for export £34.68 – free health check (visit for more information about exporting your pet abroad)

Dog & Puppy Elective Surgery (Show Details)

Less than 10kg – £76.88

10-25kg – £103.38

25-40kg – £129.33

Over 40kg – £154.17

Less than 10kg – £109.12

10-25 kg – £144.18

25-40kg – £180.36

Over 40kg- £228.38

Cat & Kitten Vaccinations (Show Details)

Cat annual booster vaccinations £41.40

Cat cvr booster – £32.76

Full Cat/Kitten Vaccination Course including leukaemia – £47.99

Cat cvr course – £32.40

Cat leukaemia – £21.60

Myxo/VHD vaccination – £41.16

Cat & Kitten Elective Surgery (Show Details)

Cat (male) Castrate- £32.73

Cat (female) Spay – £51.96

Cat (female pregnant) Spay £57.39

Rabbit & Bunny Elective Surgery (Show Details)

Rabbit (male) Castrate – £56.21

Rabbit (female) Spay – £64.64

Post operative checks and stitch removal is FREE

Consultations (Show Details)

Standard consultation fees during weekday and weekend opening hours – £24.00 (this does not include any medication your pet may require)

Worming and Flea products – we stock several brands of worming tablets as well as flea sprays and spot on treatments. We will require the weight of your animal.

Our commonly sold products are listed below:

Worming treatments

Milbemax dogs and cats worming tablets


Flea treatments



Written prescriptions– £12.00 (animal needs to be seen by a Vet every three months)

Microchip (Cats and Dogs) (Show Details)
Standard Microchipping – £18.00

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