Puppy Parties

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It is important to socialise your puppy with other dogs and well organised and professionally run classes here at Church House Veterinary clinic are and great way to build your puppy’s confidence and expose them gently to different sights, sounds and other dogs.

Puppy parties are priced at £10.00 for three one hour sessions; alternatively you can opt to pay as you go for £4.00. Held every third Saturday with one of our Nurses.

Each puppy will receive a Certificate on completion of their course as well as being entitled to a discounted microchip when your puppy has attended all three classes.

What will you and your puppy learn at our classes?

Party_DogHow to master basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’
12121001-birthday-puppy--english-bulldog-wearing-party-hat-and-silly-glasses-on-white-backgroundHow to play with your puppy
How to introduce you puppy to other dogs, humans and small children.
You will be able to discuss worming, flea treatments and vaccinations with our Nurse
You will also have the chance to have a tour of our clinic and what we offer

We encourage you to bring along your own children so they too can learn how to play with their new friend. *

Please speak to the surgery to book and for more details, or call 01480 472032

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